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Sunday, November 9, 2014

GoldieBlox: Barbie buh-bye

(Image by Nevit Dilmen)
Barbie, the “Big Brother” of fluff, is hopefully being replaced by GoldieBlox, the “Big Sister” of substance.

Eliana Dockterman of Time writes that “dolls usually emphasize being cute over being powerful.”  Even female action figures are “usually hyper-sexualized with large breasts and splayed legs, designed for adult
male collectors.”

Barbie, perhaps the worst offender of all, has “feet that can never wear
flats, only heels.”  Girls that play with “Doctor” (more like doctored)
Barbie dolls have been shown to have less ambition than those playing with the “amorphous Mrs. Potatohead doll.”

Along comes GoldieBlox, neither super nerd nor super model.  With a predisposition toward constructing machines (the parts of which are included within the G-Blox box), Goldie teaches young girls that they too can excel in the STEM (“science, technology, engineering and math”) world.

Goldie is determined to up the current percentage (11%) of women engineers. With her untamed hair, overalls and sneakers, she is fast becoming a role model for natural beauty coupled with a well-trained brain.

It takes more than a tight-fitting doctor’s costume to turn a little girl into a future physician.  Goldie might therefore be just what the doctor really ordered.


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