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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ode to a 3-D urn

Devo Hat  (Photo: Corentin LAMY) 
When famed New Wave rocker Bob Casale died earlier this year, the one bright spot within his family’s mourning period was an unusual gift they received.

The Eden Prairie Associated Press reports that the Minnesota-based
Foreverence company gifted Casale’s family with a 3-D funerary urn in the shape of his trademark Devo hat.

Each urn from the Foreverence company “is unique and can take the form of just about anything, including ballet slippers, cars and instruments.”  These urns are not made from typical 3-D plastic, but
rather from a special ceramic material.

Making each customized urn “takes nearly an entire day.”  The 3-D printing alone lasts approximately nine hours.  Several more hours of touchups are then required.

The goal of the Foreverence company is to focus upon the deceased person’s legacy, i.e. that which he or she greatly treasured while alive.  To this effect, survivors are asked:  What was symbolic of a life, a dream, the pursuit of a passion?

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