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Friday, November 14, 2014

World's longest sermon

This might help...   (Photo by Julius Schorzman)
Leave it to a preacher to try and break the record for the world’s longest speech…

Although sermons that lasted for three or four hours were acceptable back in the day, a 50-hour stretch
would have really been pushing it.

Nevertheless, 50 hours is just what Florida preacher Zach Zehnder intends to do.  The Leesburg Associated Press reports that Zehnder “plans to give an overview of the Bible and hopes to speak for 50 hours.”

Attempting to break the Guiness Book existing record
of 48 hours and 31 minutes, Zehnder will be allowed to break for five minutes each hour. 

Zehnder is not only seeking to raise money for “a new addiction recovery program during his speech,” but is also looking to “spread God’s word” in a creative fashion.


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