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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kardashians for sale: All shapes and sizes

Commodity Market   (Public Domain)
If there were a Kardashian marketplace (which there very much seems to be), “Mama K” would be auctioning off her daughters with the following slogan:  Get ‘em while you can…  All shapes and sizes!

Bloomberg Businessweek recently ran an article titled “How Kim’s Half-Sister Kylie Became the Most Influential Kardashian.”  Does this mean that Kylie has redeemed the commoditized family values by embracing a whole other lifestyle?  Not according to Dearest Mama…

Mama Kris Jenner was recently crowing about Kylie’s (literally) crowning achievement:  the blue hair that she sported at sister Kim’s extravaganza (er, wedding).  According to “momager” Kris, Kylie even “drove herself to the beauty shop and did it herself.”  What a gal – that’s right up there with housing the homeless and feeding the starving…

With this up-and-coming youngun’ (Kylie’s only 17, about half the age of her older sisters), the family biz (yielding millions) might be going strong for years to come.  Mom couldn’t be happier.  Her “inventory” is well-stacked.

After all, Jenner recently stated:  The girls all are different heights, shapes, sizes.  There is something for everyone.


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