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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Money: If it's flying, they're lying

Gotcha!    (Public Domain)
So… you’re driving along the highway when all of a sudden you notice paper money flying around.  Up ahead you see that an armored truck’s door had burst wide open.

You pull over to the shoulder and begin scooping up some big bills.  After risking your life in this manner, then what?  Run down to the truck and return them to their rightful owner?  Or stuff them into your pockets as you quickly leave the scene?

The Urbana Associated Press recently reported that “a bag of cash fell onto Interstate 270 near Urbana [Maryland] and the bills flew in the air.”  These bills had indeed “escaped” from the open door of an armored truck.

Police stated that “a number of drivers stopped on the interstate and grabbed what cash they could…”  Authorities are urging these drivers to return this cash “to the state police barracks… 
or else face charges of theft if they’re found.”

Comments regarding this article ranged from “…it’s mine till I get caught, then I will fight the issue in court!” to “theft is theft, so don’t be a dishonest fool.”


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