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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lammily: Reality's answer to Barbie

Real-Life Prince   (by TheMatthewSlack)
Real-life girls now have an alternative to made-up Barbie.

She’s called “Lammily,” the name being a tribute to her creator, Nickolay Lamm.  Lamm told The Washington Post that he
wanted to show young females that “reality can be beautiful.”

Lammily is much closer to being a “living doll” than Barbie ever was.  If life-sized, she wouldn’t fall forward in the way that overly-endowed Barbie might.  Lammily’s waistline seems to allow for breathing.  She is even prone to acne, stretch marks and (gasp) cellulite.  Plus, Lammily’s actually curvy.

Apparently, there is a growing need for such reality-based dolls.  When Lamm sought crowd-funding for creating Lammily, his original goal was to raise $95,000.  He currently has $501,000, along with more than 22,000 orders for Lammily dolls.

Lest Lammily be lonely, Lamm is also in the process of creating a male companion for her.  This soon-to-be “normal Ken” doll could be “maybe a little balding, maybe a little chunky in the belly.”  Who knows?  He might even have a few chest hairs and dirt stains…


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