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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

'Feed my sheep' vs. 'Drop that plate'

Good Shepherd  (by Bernhard Plockhorst)
When Jesus said, "Feed my sheep," Arnold Abbott of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was listening intently.

Now 90, Abbott has been feeding the Fort Lauderdale homeless for the past 20 years.  Most of that had occurred before “a new ordinance effectively banning public food sharings took effect Friday.”

Bob Norman of reports that when Abbott defied this ordinance by continuing his compassionate sharings, he received a “municipal ordinance charge.”  He now faces “up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.” 

Two Christian ministers, Dwayne Black of The Sanctuary Church in Fort Lauderdale and Mark Sims of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Coral Springs, were cited along with Abbott.

When one of the police officers approached, he ordered Abbott to “Drop that plate right now!” as though Abbott were carrying a weapon.

Abbott, who intends to continue feeding Fort Lauderdale’s homeless, summed up the citation with these words:  It’s man’s inhumanity to man is all it is. 


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