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Friday, February 21, 2014

Your jazzed-up brain

(Photo by KarlKunde)
Music is not just a series of sound sensations, but rather a language all its own.

In the jazz world, "spontaneous back-and-forth musical exchanges" between two players are called "trading fours."  Health Day reports on results from a Johns Hopkins study that monitored "the brain activity of 11 male jazz pianists" while they traded fours.

This study indicated that improvised jazz communication takes place within different brain areas from those which focus upon spoken language.  Jazz messages instead center upon "brain areas that process language structure."  Head author Dr. Charles Limb concluded:  We've shown in this study that there is a fundamental difference between how meaning is processed by the brain for music and language.

So instead of saying it with words, try saying it with music.  Go ahead - jazz up your life. Your brain will buzz with delight.


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