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Monday, February 17, 2014

Jane Goodall: No sharp line

Goodall in 2006    (Photo by Jeekc)
Soon-to-be octogenarian Jane Goodall recently proclaimed: There's no really sharp line dividing us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Some might interpret this to mean that humans act like beasts. Others might interpret this to mean that beasts act like humans.  Then there are those who calmly point out that we're all God's creatures.

Goodall, a decades-long primatologist, has painstakingly "documented the relationships and other behavioral patterns of chimpanzees, finding parallels with human conduct that spurred debate about evolution."

Her "22-page resume" also includes the following achievements:  gorilla studies, grand marshal of a Rose Parade, tree-planting in Singapore, over 100 honorary awards and degrees, book authorship, and continually speaking out for those furry ones who can't.


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