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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Minimalism: Declutter your life

Thoreau's Cabin  (Photo by Namlhots)
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this:  If the real treasures of life are not material, then why are my closets so full?

Joshua Fields Millburn did - but not until he "had watched his mother die and his marriage dissolve in the span of a month."  It was then that he decided to declutter his life in order to make room for the truly important things.

Over a relatively short period of time, Millburn went from being a six-figure (yet debt-ridden) corporate director to being a small-town writer who "surrounds himself only with things that are functional and bring him joy."

Jenna Goudreau of Business Insider reports that Millburn and a friend began a website called (what else?)  They also published a book titled Everything That Remains.

Millburn has these three suggestions for those who wish to pare down:  Focus upon how your life would be better with less material clutter; declutter incrementally by ridding yourself of one item per day; and work together with "an accountability buddy" who also wants a simpler life.


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