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Friday, February 7, 2014

Creation debate: Not just about evolution

(1871 Caricature of Darwin)
Media has been abuzz about the recent debate between Bill Nye the Evolution Guy and Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum.

The focus of many reports has been the arguments for and against the teaching of evolution.  However, there is another issue that this debate brings to mind, and that is the false dichotomy between religion and science.

In an article for The Week, Elizabeth Stoker states:  Thanks to so-called literalists like Ham, much of the secular world thinks there are irreconcilable differences between Christianity and science.  There aren't.

She goes on to explain that many Christians oppose Ham's "staunch" biblical interpretations, as well as his mission to rid the schools of lessons on evolution.  In fact, Ham had been "disinvited" from a number of Christian-oriented homeschooling conventions because of his hard line personality and theories.

Stoker also points out that the Roman Catholic schools have taught about evolution for quite some time.  The
Anglican Church also "maintains that evolution is wholly compatible with a faithful view of the world," as do numerous other Protestant denominations.

She also urges Christians to keep a close eye on Ham, and warns that the success of his exclusivist agenda would entail the marginalization of many established forms of Christianity.


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