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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple Black: Religious ties

(Shirley Temple Black in 1990) 
When people think of Shirley Temple Black, they often associate her with entertainment and politics. 

Relatively few are familiar with her religious ties.  Nevertheless, Temple
had been a Protestant throughout her entire life - one whose leanings were interdenominational.

According to, Temple's "maternal grandmother was a staunch Lutheran."  Although Temple's mother had identified their immediate family as Presbyterian, she and Shirley also regularly attended a nearby Episcopalian church.

When Shirley grew up, she continued this tradition by frequenting
St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Los Angeles.  She also later married
Episcopalian Charlie Black.

Shirley Temple's autobiography, Child Star, includes mention of
prayerful and contemplative visits to St. Alban's.  Temple explained that one such visit had "helped her
immensely in her personal life."


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