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Monday, February 10, 2014

Religious geography: Q & A

(Author:  debaird)
Brad Knickerbocker of The Christian Science Monitor recently reported on the results of Gallup and Pew surveys.

Answers to the following questions that these surveys addressed might somewhat surprise you:

Which U.S. state has the smallest percentage of those who identify strongly with religion?     (Answer:  Vermont)

Which U.S. state has the largest percentage of those who identify strongly with religion?    (Answer:  Mississippi)

What is the current religious makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court?   (Answer:  Six Catholic justices, and three Jewish ones)

What percentage of Alabama's population is Protestant?    (Answer:  77%)

What percentage of the United States Congress is Jewish?    (Answer:  6%)

What fraction of U.S. adults under 30 have no religious affiliation?    (Answer: One-third)

What percentage of Americans consider prayer to be an important part of daily life?    (Answer:  76 %)

What percentage of the U.S. Congress is Protestant?     (Answer:  56 %)

How many Buddhists and Hindus are currently serving in the U.S. Congress?      (Answer:  One of each)   



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