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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine history: Muddy and bloody

(Photo by blackfish)
Although the real history of Valentine's Day isn't quite clear, gory theories abound.

According to The Huffington Post (which never met a scandal it didn't like), the most plausible of these theories is the one about the Saint Valentine (there were allegedly three) who "was a Roman priest during the 3rd century A.D. under Emperor Claudius II."

Now Claudius II wasn't the kindest kid on the block (chopping block, in his case).  Not that he didn't have a lot on his mind…  The Roman Empire was splitting apart, and the "threat of invasion" was imminent.

This called for action – military action - which in turn called for soldiers, and lots of them.  Because Claudius (mistakenly or not) believed that single lads are somehow fiercer, he went ahead and
banned marriage.

This did not sit well with then-Father Valentine (with a name like that, how could it?).  He therefore "began officiating marriages in secret…"  Claudius, being Claudius, had him imprisoned and beheaded.

Because marriage is a holy sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church, Father Valentine later became Saint Valentine for defending this tradition with his life. 

So there you have it – love hurts.    


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