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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Digital ministry: Rapidly growing

(Author:  GreySmallHorse)
Once upon a time, worship was highly interactive. 

People didn't just sit there quietly in their pews, hoping to catch some words of wisdom from the clergy leader.  No!  They sang and danced, clapped and swayed, ate and drank, talked and listened, made merry and lamented together as a face-to-face interactive group.  Such were the primary modes of worship for

Nowadays, religious and spiritual interactions are occurring more and more over the Internet.  Technology is not only expanding, but also shaping such encounters..

Keith Anderson of Religion Dispatches writes about "5 Must-Reads on Religion and Social Media."  His own coauthored (with Elizabeth Drescher) hands-on guide "for religious leaders and practitioners" is titled Click2Save: The Digital Ministry Bible.  He also recommends The Social Media Gospel by Meredith Gould.

As can be expected, along with new approaches come new questions like this:  "Should I friend my pastor?"  Guides such as those mentioned above "anticipate deeper questions religious communities will be asking about social media and the practice of religion…"     


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