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Friday, February 28, 2014

Homeless neighbors: A biblical solution

Homeless Veteran  (JMSuarez)
Mother Theresa often emphasized that it's not necessary to do great things, only small things with great love.

The building of tiny houses for the homeless seems to be right in keeping with this biblical philosophy.  Since "neighbor," as defined in Luke 10:37, is one with whom merciful acts are shared - those who "love thy [homeless]
neighbors" are those who offer hospitable shelter to them.

NBC News reports on "small-scale individualized shelters" for the homeless that are being built in Texas, New York, Utah, Florida, Wisconsin and
California.  These survival pods often contain enough space for a narrow bed, a small sink, and a toilet. 

The sink can be fed by rain water, and the toilet can empty into a disposable plastic bag.  Some pods even come equipped with electrical outlets for small TVs, computers, air conditioners, etc.  They are inexpensive to build, and lightweight enough to easily maneuver from place to place.

These pods often provide homeless people with levels of privacy, safety, independence and dignity that public shelters generally can't offer.  In terms of "loving thy neighbor," they seem to be a giant leap forward.


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