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Monday, October 24, 2016

Solo but Smart

Einstein's social interlude    (Public Domain)
There’s been much talk about human happiness stemming from a tribal-type lifestyle.  This “savanna theory” alleges that people are happiest when they socialize quite often.

Nevertheless, the British Psychological Society has found that “just the opposite was true for a highly intelligent person.”  In other words, the Einsteins among us tend to be happiest when engaging in solitary quests.  Frequent socializing may get in the way of their one-pointed pursuits.

However, this begs the question:  Are [these latter] people intelligent because they socialize less or do they socialize less because they’re more intelligent?

And besides, what is intelligence?  Is there such a thing as a completely-smart person, or are people simply endowed with more or less intelligence regarding specific facets of life?


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