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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A 'Tree' Grows in Portland

Slow Magic   (Photo by MPF)
Some trees take hundreds of years to reach maturity, but one on a Portland, Maine street appeared almost instantly.

Call it magic, and this makeshift tree will tend to agree.  Asher Woodworth, the tree’s “embodiment,” explained that his evergreen costume was designed to display a contrast between the “energies
of economy and efficiency and the energies of slowness and magic.”

Local officials, however, were not impressed with “Mr. Tree’s” lumbering march across a busy intersection.  When his dragging limbs began holding up traffic, Woodworth was issued a warning.  When the pace didn’t quicken, Woodworth was arrested.

A college friend described “Woody” as “funny,” but not “malicious.”  Woodworth himself referred to the incident as “performance art.”


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