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Friday, October 21, 2016

War on Mars, could it be?

Curiosity on Mars    (NASA photo)
It’s a sad truth that where humans go, war soon follows.

This could be the basis for Ufologist Scott Waring’s theories about NASA.  He believes that this American agency has been deliberately destroying the spacecraft that other nations send to Mars.

What would be the motive?  Competition of the highest order...  If a nation were to discover life on Mars (or anywhere else in outer space), then this would be an earthshattering event.  That nation would likely be praised by historians for centuries to come.

“War of the Worlds” may so far be fictional, but war within our own world is definitely not.  As Mother used to say:  Wherever you go, there you are.  So look out Mars, humans are right around the orbital bend.     


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