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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Now that's marital fidelity

(Photo by Jeff Belmonte)
“For better or for worse” is often only half adhered to.  The first half…

Not so for Hannah and Stuart Patterson.  Their “for worse” began five weeks before the wedding. Hannah was on her way to meet Stuart when a car crash “left her badly injured.”  Her dream of literally
walking down the aisle was shattered, along with many of her bones.

It looked as though Hannah would have to roll down the aisle in a wheelchair.  Recovery could take months, and the wedding was only five weeks away. A less-dedicated couple might have postponed the “I dos” indefinitely.

The Pattersons and family rose to the occasion.  Hannah’s father wheeled her halfway to the altar, and Stuart carried her in his arms the rest of the way.  Although Hannah was in physical and emotional turmoil, she bore these challenges graciously. 

What an solid foundation for a lifetime of better-and-worse! 


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