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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Westbrook's got religion, True Religion

Westbrook in 2015  (Photo by Erik Drost)
With the name “Russell Westbrook” on so many lips this week, one might wonder which off-the-court "altar" Westbrook recharges at.

Turns out he’s got religion:  True Religion.  Westbrook’s fashion passion has landed him the starring role of Campaign Creative Director for True Religion.  In addition to that, he has
collaborated with Barney’s New York for their seasonal collections, and has launched his very own brand of eye wear.

During a recent interview with Max Bell, Westbrook revealed the following tastes in clothing:  shoes that “make it all go together” (with the personal exception of sandals), leather jackets, jeans, button-ups, hats, glasses and pocket squares.  Unlike that of many NBA greats, Westbrook’s 6-foot-3 frame can “fit off the rack.”

Westbrook aims to bring his “creative side to True Religion.”  Since creativity seems integral to religion, that's a real good fit… on or off the rack.    


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