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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mother Goose: For real

(Public Domain)
For most of us, Mother Goose is a fictitious character.

But for one Cincinnati police officer, she suddenly became quite real.  Sgt. James Givens was recently “parked in his cruiser” when he heard the sound of “a goose pecking at his door.”

This was unusual, to say the least.  Geese don’t usually come a knocking, and if they do, they don’t usually stick around for long.  This Mother Goose, however, was on a mission of mercy.

She kept pecking and pecking until she caught the officer’s attention.  As Givens was watching, MG then began walking away.  She turned her head back as if to say, “Follow me!”

Which Givens did.   Mother Goose then led him right to her “baby that was tangled up in string.”  Ironically, this string was from a Mother’s Day balloon that had ended up near the creek.

Givens’ partner, Spc. Cecilia Charron, was able to untangle the gosling with absolutely no interference from MG.  Charron, who has children of her own, felt as though motherly vibes between species were paving the way for a successful and peaceful outcome.

Givens and Charron rejoiced as these fine-feathered friends resumed their happily-ever-after.


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