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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Immortality: Could cost you plenty

(Photo by Dwight Burdette)
Immortality might sound good in theory, but could cost you (and the planet) plenty.

Cryonics, “the practice of preserving a body with antifreeze shortly after death,” is turning out to be big business.  This practice is so fine-turned in Scottsdale, Arizona that “the record for getting a [newly-dead] patient cooled down and prepped for an operation is 35 minutes.”

You’d think that surgery would be history after death, but not in the world of cryonics.  The corpse’s head must be quickly removed “in hopes that a new body can be grown with a member’s DNA once it comes time to be thawed out.”

Not into being guillotined?  Well then, it’s more than twice as much to have your entire body frozen.  A mere $80,000 from the neck up, but $200,000 for the whole shebang…

Those are Scottsdale's premium rates, which are often (ironically) covered by life insurance.  Those without insurance might be better off kicking the bucket over to Michigan, where immortality is way cheaper.


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