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Monday, May 9, 2016

Walking the Car Talk

Lincoln roadways   (Photo by Collinulness)
During the popular show “Car Talk,” hosts explain what’s wrong with cars, but don’t come around to fix them.

That's where car buffs from Christ Lutheran of Lincoln, Nebraska have a wrench up on all the competition.  They not only diagnose car troubles, but also volunteer to remedy them.

As part of their “Christ in the Community” mission, these mechanics devote a number of Saturdays toward fixing cars for free.  They see this as a way to help raise people from poverty.

As church member Curt Jones explains, having no working vehicle limits housing choices, grocery  shopping and job searches.  He states: Those of us who are middle class take so much for granted.

The world rapidly shrinks without a reliable car.  Just knowing that people care enough to provide this labor of love goes a long way toward driving the Gospel home. 


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