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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Professional seekers: Overworked and underpaid

I think, therefore I struggle...  (Public Domain)
If you’re seeking knowledge of the highest kind, and you’re doing so professionally, chances are you’ll be overworked and underpaid.

According to Kelsey Warner of Graphiq, “34 college majors with the highest post-grad unemployment" include philosophy and theology.  These formerly-esteemed vocations are now at the bottom of the economic barrel.

Philosophy majors, for example, have a 5 percent chance of being unemployed, and a whopping 51.7 percent chance of being underemployed.  If they are lucky enough to land a job in their field, they can expect approximately $35,000 as a starting salary and $60,000 at career heights.  Why the debt alone is enough to make a body wonder:  To be or not to be?

And how about theology?  Although God provides lavishly for sparrows and such, would-be clergy are living on student loans.  When they finally graduate, they’re facing an average of 6.8 percent unemployment or a beginning wage of $28,600.  Not to worry…  Eventually they may work their way up to $45,000. 

Well, then, perhaps math and science are better paths to tread.  They, too, can reveal many of life’s most cherished secrets.  But not so fast…  It turns out that both mathematicians and physicists have  higher unemployment rates than philosophers.
So it comes right back around to philosophy.  If you love what you do, then perhaps you won’t mind being philosophical about the rest.      


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