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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ultimate Prom Date

(Photo by Otherbeach)
High school prom: For some it’s the ultimate dream, for others the ultimate nightmare.  Either way, it soon fades.

Occasionally, however, something lasting emerges from such fluff and stuff. Dylan Huffaker will always remember the night
he escorted his mom to the Canyon Ridge High School prom in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Because Dylan’s mother, Kerry, suffered from stage 4 brain cancer at the time, a whole lot of community effort was needed.  Twin Falls certainly rose to the challenge:  social worker, car dealer, photographer and nail salon all donated their services.

When the magic night arrived, the dance floor cleared for Dylan and Kerry.  Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” accompanied mother and son on this poignant leg of their journey together:

And now,  I'm glad I didn't know,  The way it all would end,  The way it all would go,  Our lives,  Are better left to chance,  I could have missed the pain.  But I'd have had to miss,  The dance…


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