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Monday, May 30, 2016

Got an extra $62M? Fly SpaceX

SpaceX Hangar   (Public Domain)
When carnival rides begin to lose their thrill, consider saving your pennies for a SpaceX flight.

Since a ride on SpaceX now costs $62 million, these pennies had better be rare ones.  (Not to worry, a 1943-D bronze cent sold forS $1.7 million in 2010.  Get enough of them, and you’re good to go.)

Why so expensive?  First off, its “super-chilled” liquid oxygen really packs a whallop.  The chilling allows for more fuel on board, which in turn permits the craft to “carry larger loads into orbit.”

Reviewing this competitively, Lockheed Martin and Boeing “charge about 100% more money to put 14% less payload into space.”  What this means is that SpaceX could end up as the only such “game in town.”

That, plus SpaceX’s promised 30% fare reduction for “flying on a reused rocket,” adds up to substantially big savings.  Let’s just say it’s all relative, as futuristic passengers may experience firsthand.   


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