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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Space psychology: Ups and downs

Lunar Mining        (NASA artist's conception)  
Because space colonization seems inevitable for the long-term survival of humans, there is a growing need for knowledge about space

Researcher Nick Kanas has written about the
following psychological challenges that such
colonists might face:  “…anxiety, depression…
psychosis, psychosomatic symptoms… postflight personality changes… interpersonal tension… need for privacy…”

It should be noted that many of these difficulties are also prevalent on Earth.  Plus, there are some extraordinary space-psychology benefits that have been reported.

According to Pacific Standard, Kanas also wrote about the “growth enhancing and salutogenic”  effects of long-term space endeavors.  Pioneers “may experience increased fortitude, perseverance,
independence, self-reliance, ingenuity, comradeship.”

Not only that, “transcendental experiences” and “religious insights” have also been described by seasoned astronauts. There is a tremendous sense of unity that can be gleaned by viewing Earth from a cosmological perspective.      


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