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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Little Mogadishu: Dream turned nightmare

DID Ambassador (by SusanLesch)
On the tough streets of Minneapolis, young people have been lured into joining terrorist groups for years.

Joyce Hackel of PRI reports on one family’s anguish, which began in November 2008.  When young Burhan Hassan didn’t come home that night, his family was worried sick.

They had cause to be.  Hassan had been recruited by the Somali extremist group al-Shabab, and was on his way to the Horn of Africa.  When Hassan later “refused to fight and or get the training,” he was
“killed by the son of the former al-Shabab leader.”

What makes teens vulnerable to such recruitment?  Hackel explains that there are not enough opportunities for them to “find employment or join a positive programming like after-school.”

The "Somali enclave" in Minnesota's Twin Cities is called “Little Mogadishu.”  About 40 percent     of young men there face unemployment… compared to 3 percent statewide.

A chain is only as strong as its meekest links.  Lest the American dream become a nightmare for     all, the meek must be helped to peacefully inherit their fair share of Earth’s bounties.


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