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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gleeden: Breaches more than civil law

A howling success?   (Photo by Retron) 
Gleeden (Den of Glee?), a French dating site that is specifically geared towards adulterous affairs, may be living up to its name.

The word “den” originally referred to the lair of a predatory mammal.  It seems that what is being promoted as gleeful may instead turn out to be mournful (at least for those marriages that are ripped to shreds).

French civil law, as instituted in 1804 by Napoleon (who knew a thing or two about adultery), asserts:  Married partners owe each other the duty of respect, fidelity, help and assistance.

Some use the argument that this law is outdated.  After all, 1804 was a long time ago.  Using that logic, the Ten Commandments (put forth in the B.C. era)
would be even more outdated.

However, some wisdom seems to be timeless.  For example, one Gleeden customer claimed, “…when we are both married, we both accept we only want to go so far in the relationship.  It’s easier to keep things uncomplicated.”

This logic totally discounts the complexities of human nature.  Just because both go into the affair knowing each other’s marital statuses doesn’t mean that hearts will necessarily comply.

Play with fire, you might get burned.  Worse yet, you may take a lot of others down with you.


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