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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Roaches: Our new best friends

Forget these guys...  (Public Domain)
Forget cute little puppies and heroic St. Bernards.  If you’re trapped under a building, remote-controlled roaches can quickly become your new best friends.

Not only can cockroaches survive “dangerous amounts of   nuclear radiation,” but they can also grow a new leg if need be.  How many rescuers can match these feats?

Live Science explains that “cyborg roaches,” with their   implanted electrodes that enable “scientists to steer the creatures around,” may some day be carrying out “reconnaissance” missions and/or locating human survivors.  

If you’re already cringing at the thought of getting up close      and personal with these newfound buddies, consider this:  Roaches have gotten a bad rap.  Commonly thought to be filth incarnate, they are actually “constantly cleaning themselves.”

If you’re instead cringing about the seemingly cruel treatment of these insects, rest assured that scientists are working on a “steering mechanism” that’s less invasive than the implanted electrodes.  Team leader Hong Liang has also stated:  We don’t work them hard.  We let them rest.


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