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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Megachurch, Megamillion

Megachurch NYC   (Public Domain)
It seems that megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar has a last name that suits him.

Kate Brumback of Associated Press reports that Dollar recently put out a plea for lots (as in millions) of greenbacks.

After all, can the Great Commission be truly fulfilled without the ownership of a Gulfstream G650?  According to the Gulfstream website, the G650 “flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound."

Unfortunately for supporters of Creflo Dollar Ministries (but fortunately for the Gulfstream company), the G650 has been listed at approximately $68 million.  That there’s a lot of donations.

There were numerous reports that Creflo Dollar Ministries began this campaign “believing for 200,000 people to give contributions of 300 US dollars or more to turn this dream into a reality.”

This publicized intention may have caused an online uproar, for it quickly morphed into these words:  “Your love gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated.”  Brumback states, “Soon after that, the website’s entire page about the plane appeared disabled.”

Dollar is a proponent of the “prosperity gospel.”  Brumback explains, “Ministers in this tradition often hold up their own wealth as evidence that the teaching works.”

"Works" with what goal in mind?  Wasn’t it Jesus who said, “Do not store up for yourselves  treasures on earth…”?


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