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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

India's daughters: Blaming the victims

Afghanistan 2011  (Public Domain)
On International Women’s Day, a film named “India’s Daughter” will be shown in seven countries.

According to the AFP, this film exposes the heinous ways in which women are being blamed for their own oppression.  

Mukesh Singh, a rapist whose victim died from the attack, made these shocking statements:  You can’t clap with one hand – it takes two hands.  A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night…
A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.  About 20 percent of girls are good.

Singh also had the shocking gall to blame his victim for fighting back.  He said:  She should just be silent and allow the rape.  Then they’d [the whole gang] have dropped her off after doing her.

Sentenced to be executed for this crime (as a result of testimony given by the victim before she died), Singh even added this vicious threat:  Now when they rape, they won’t leave the girl like we did. They will kill her.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a societal mindset to steer a child so off kilter.   Kudos to “ordinary Indians” for their valiant efforts to reverse that mindset. 

Although India is still deeply steeped in patriarchal attitudes, Leslee Udwin (the award-winning creator of “India’s Daughter”) recently proclaimed:  In my lifetime, I can’t recall any other country standing up with such commitment and determination for women’s rights.   


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