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Friday, March 13, 2015

Facebook unto death, and then some

Fountain of Eternal Life  (Public Domain)
Although human bodies are mortal, Facebook accounts can live on long after the ashes have settled.

That’s not necessarily good news.  Some things are best buried along with their namesake. reported that Facebook has recently conceded this point.  Whereas accounts used to just be “memorialized” (i.e., “locked so that no one could log in”) after death, Facebook is currently offering some users more choice in the matter.

A Facebook user in the United States can presently opt to assign a “legacy contact” person.  This person will be able to sign in (with his or her own name) and add to the page, even after the user has died.

If the user does not wish to go this “immortal” route, then it is now possible to request that an account be permanently deleted after death.


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