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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

'Biblical' brain

Patriarch Noah   (Public Domain)
Many an ancient skull has been discovered, but one with a well-preserved brain inside is a rare find indeed.

Inquisitr reports that archaeologists found a 2,600-year-old human brain “preserved in oxygen-free clay-rich mud at an Iron Age site near York, England.”

Radioactive carbon dating confirmed that the man whose brain this was lived circa 6th century B.C.  His lifetime therefore
coincided with that of some Torah prophets.

Sadly, the circumstances of his death attest to the harsh conditions of this biblical era.  Experts determined that the preservation of the man’s brain was partly due to murder.

Inquisitr explains that the man’s head was “buried in a… pit immediately after he met a violent death by decapitation.”  This environment allowed the brain to “preserve its overall shape and microscopic features.”

It would be wonderful to conclude that atrocities such as this could never occur in today’s world,    and that 26 centuries have made quite a difference in human relations.  However, many a prophetic warning remains as ignored today as in ancient times.


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