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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gifts wrapped in sandpaper

Sandpaper Sheets (Photo: Simon Eugster)
We call them blessings in disguise, these gifts that enter our lives wrapped in sandpaper. 

Perhaps we are ill.  Perhaps we have recently lost a job.  Perhaps we are widowed or divorced.

Under these and other difficult circumstances, it is tough to transition "from stressed to blessed."  Nevertheless, ESSENCE offers us some ways to at least begin.

In order to let go of stress, it is important to first acknowledge its presence.  We become so accustomed to feeling on edge that we no longer even notice tension's insidious grip.

Once we've acknowledged the stress, it's time to also acknowledge the joy.  What is it about life that can be truly celebrated?  And what are the silver linings in even the cloudiest of setbacks?

ESSENCE emphasizes that a person's own hopes and dreams should be taken very seriously.  In this way, "optionals" such as "I'm going to eat more healthfully" would become "non-negotiables."  The commitments made to ourselves would then be as steadfast as the ones made to others.


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