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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scrunch interruptus: Elders vindicated

Scrunch Time  (Photo by Julius Schorzman)
Although Ronald McDonald is as jolly as can be most of the time, occasionally he really trips up.

Yahoo Odd News reports that an elderly couple (both in their 80s) had been in the habit of enjoying what they called “scrunch” (a snack between supper and lunch) at the Culpepper, Virginia McDonald’s.

Then one day a “Grinch” type employee attempted to whisk them right out of there for sitting “too long.”  She literally and figuratively slung dirt their way by sweeping the floor right near to where they were sitting.

Before you could say “Big Mac,” the manager came by and announced: You two have to leave.  Your half-hour’s up and we have to clean this floor now.

Them’s fightin’ words.  The couple wasn’t about to take this sitting down.  They got up and left, but not before telling the manager that he needed additional training.  And not before making up their minds to do something about it…

A letter was afterwards sent to the editor of the local newspaper.  This informed the public of what had happened.  The story then quickly spread via social media.  Pretty soon, a compassionate response came through loud and clear.

A local restaurant owner offered the couple free “scrunch” one day a week for life.  Not only that, he will henceforth be offering all seniors and veterans free coffee on Wednesdays.


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