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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Bang for the Big

BICEP2 Telescope at South Pole  (Public Domain)
As impressive as it sounds, the Big Bang is still only a theory. 

Nevertheless, scientists have recently discovered something that they’re hoping will change theory to fact.  According to The Verge, that something is thought to be “a signal left by ancient gravitational

These waves are about as ancient as it gets.  In other words, they are believed to have originated within “the early slivers of the second during which the universe began…”

What is particularly significant about this discovery is that it somewhat “tracks” the initial expansion (aka “Bang” and “inflation”) of the universe.  It may also be a vital link between gravity and the other fundamental forces.

The signal (aka "B-mode polarization”) was detected via the use of a “small telescope in the South Pole.”  It showed up as “a curl in the cosmic radiation left over from the Big Bang.”


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