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Monday, March 24, 2014

Church properties: On the move

Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters (Photo by Sergio Herrera)
Those who associate the Unitarian Universalist
Association with Beacon Hill, and the Jehovah's
Witnesses with Brooklyn Heights, are due for a
paradigm shift sometime soon.

That's because many denominations are now
shifting their locations (along with their focus)
from the traditional to the innovative.  Whereas
Beacon Hill and Brooklyn Heights have housed
their share of elite tenants, denominations are now seeking more affordable  headquarters.

Michael Paulson of The New York Times reports
that the UUA's "headquarters building… two grand homes and an office building" near the "red brick
sidewalks, gas streetlamps and superrich neighbors" of Beacon Hill will soon be left behind for "a section of South Boston" that has been dubbed an "innovation district."

The Jehovah's Witnesses are "selling their 34 buildings in the sought-after neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo" in favor of a more "modern world headquarters on a 253-acre property in the Hudson
Valley town of Warwick…"  This is their first such change since 1909.

This trend, which is also underway in other major denominations, not only reflects the secularization of American society, but also the current economic and technological situations.  Administrative workers no longer need to congregate in centralized locations; they can now do their jobs from virtually anywhere. Money that has been spent on high-end buildings can now be freed up for projects more in keeping with the heart of Christianity.   


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