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Friday, March 28, 2014

Sedna's little sister: In the pink

90377 Sedna   (NASA Photo)
Sedna (aka "Mother of the Deep" and "Big Bad Woman") is an ancient Inuit goddess.

As these names imply, she was banished from terra firma long ago because of her wayward actions (such as attacking her parents and marrying a dog).  Her own father, the creator-god Anguta, became
so incensed that he threw her into the sea.

Defiant as ever, Sedna attempted to claw her way back into her father's boat.  As she clung to the sides of the vessel, Anguta cleverly sliced off her fingers (they don't call him the creator-god for nothing).

As Sedna presumably sank into the underworld, her fingers allegedly morphed into seals, whales and walruses.  However, it is quite possible that fragments of her body were also hurled into space.  This would account for her namesake (and new zip code), 90377 Sedna.

90377 Sedna (or simply "Sedna") has been hiding within the deepest recesses of outermost space for eons.  The AP reports that this shiny red, and probable "dwarf planet" can "loop out as far as 84 billion miles from the sun at its farthest point."

Long thought of as alone out there, Sedna has been secretly harboring a little pink sister who goes by the name of 2012 VP113 (aka "VP" or "Biden").  This icy pink world, only "280 miles across," has been recently co-discovered by Yale researcher David Rabinowitz, who announced:  Sedna is not a freak.
(To which some say:  Perhaps…)


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