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Friday, March 21, 2014

March moon: By any other name

(Photo by HighInBC)
When lovers look at a full moon, they think romance.  However, some of the traditional names for the March full moon are not all that romantic.

For example, March is the month (in some locations) when robins return to herald the coming of spring.  Since the early bird catches the worm, it is also the month in which earthworm castings begin to poke through the melting snow.  Hence the name "Full Worm Moon…"

If that isn't enough to make your libido wilt, these other names might be. explains that the March full moon also goes
by these titles:  Full Sap Moon (no, not people - maple trees), Full Crow Moon (caws abound), and Full Crust Moon (as the remaining snow cover thaws by day and freezes by night).

Nevertheless, spring is in the air – a time when young men's (and women's) fancies turn to - well, you know…  And when that occurs, who care what the moon is called? 


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