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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anzu wyliei: Now who's chicken?

Colonel Sanders c. 1974 (by Edgy01)
They say what goes around comes around, and if the anzu wyliei is any indication, they might be right.

What scientists are now calling the anzu wyliei (aka "chicken from hell"), is what the AFP described as "a newly identified species of feathered dinosaur as tall as a human" which "roamed North America
at least 66 million years ago."

This was no happy-go-lucky Big Bird.  No… if anzu wyliei spotted you quivering behind a tree, chances are you ended up resembling a Kentucky Fried Human.  (Colonel Sanders, beware…)

The very name "anzu wyliei" reflects a history of dread.   It refers back to a "monster of Akkadian mythology" that was known for such acts as demonically stealing the Tablets of Destiny.  By so doing, Anzu was hoping to rule the universe – but alas for him (and lucky for us), Marduk (a Babylonian deity) ended up dashing these hopes.

Just in case there are any survivors left hiding in the brush, here's how to recognize this fine feathered foe:  With a hen-like crest on its head, lanky legs like an ostrich, sharp claws on its forelimbs and jaws built for crushing eggs and prey, the Anzu Wyliei weighed a hefty 440-660 pounds…


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