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Monday, March 3, 2014

Church politics in Ukraine

St. Volodymyr's in Kiev  (Petar Milosevic) 
Back in the Soviet days, evangelical and Baptist churches were illegal in the Ukraine.

Nowadays, The Huffington Post reports that Ukraine is "2.4% Protestant," and the Baptist church has particularly grown.  In fact, Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov is not only a Baptist, but a Baptist pastor at that.

This is perceived by the European Baptist Federation (EBF) as not only a victory for Baptists in Ukraine, but also a victory for all
Christians there. 

A recent EBF statement declared:  During all these days of protests and confrontations the Christian community in Ukraine has been the light and salt for both parties…Ukraine needs love, mercy and forgiveness!  Ukraine needs Christ!  

Orthodox priests have also been quite active in Ukraine during this time of turmoil.  They "maintained a visible presence in Kiev throughout the protests, offering prayers to demonstrators and police alike." 

Although impeached President Viktor Yanukovych has been Orthodox, during recent months the Orthodox
Church has distanced itself from his government.           


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