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Friday, January 10, 2014

Tikker: Making moments count

(Photo by S Sepp)
It used to be that you would watch the sands of time slipping away through an

These days, all you need is a "Tikker" watch that is programmed to clock the
exact number of seconds until your death.

ABC News recently reported that "a former gravedigger" (are we surprised?) came up with this handy-dandy invention.  It seems that some people just have a real knack for the macabre.

So how does this Tikker know when the Grim Reaper is due to arrive?  ABC News explains that the "watch-wearer simply fills out a questionnaire and inputs age and the countdown begins." 

What's behind this is "a common algorithm used by the federal government to estimate a person's life expectancy."

And why would anybody want to be reminded that their life is growing shorter by the second?  Tikker's inventor, Fredrik Colting, offers this explanation:  I think that if we are aware of death, and our own expiration, that we will have a greater appreciation for life.

Many must agree because thousands of $79 Tikkers are already on order.


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