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Saturday, January 18, 2014

If I'm lying, it must be 3 PM

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It is well known that many people feel like lying down in the afternoon.  What is less well known is that many of these same PM folks feel like just plain lying.

Markham Heid from Men's Health reports on research findings from Harvard University.  Recent results showed that study participants were much more likely to fib after midday than in the morning.

Why is this?  According to research leader Maryam Kouchaki, each person's "supply of self-control is limited."  As the day wears on, this supply becomes depleted.

Hunger and fatigue accelerate this depletion.  Fortunately, the reverse is also true.  In other words, a nap or a snack can work wonders in improving one's resolve.

No bed or refrigerator in sight?  Then try "spending time with people you like – even the fictional kind on TV."  A 2012 University of Buffalo study indicates that this might also help to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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