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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Creation Museum: Scopes revisited

John Scopes in 1925  (Public Domain) 
For those who missed the 1925 Scopes (Monkey) Trial, some of the same issues are bound to come up during the upcoming debate at Kentucky's Creation Museum on February 4th.

For a mere $25 (plus the cost of a trip to Kentucky if you're not already there), you can personally witness the clash of two Titans in their respective fields: Ken Ham (founder of the Creation Museum) vs. Bill Nye ("The Science Guy").

Back in the Scopes day, the teaching of human evolution was illegal in any state-funded Tennessee school. Although high school teacher John Scopes was hesitant at first to get involved, he nevertheless
agreed to stand trial (for basically a technicality) in order to help draw publicity to both the town and the creation-evolution controversy.

In some similar ways, publicity will be drawn to the Creation Museum during this upcoming debate.  Dylan Lovan of the Associated Press writes that the "event is likely to attract plenty of attention in scientific and faith circles."  It seems that Nye in his day is as passionate an advocate of evolution-based education as Clarence Darrow was back when.

The debate may very well focus upon two divergent views about our planetary timeline:  the Creation Museum's assertion that the Earth is about 6,000 years old vs. the mainstream-scientific view that it is instead "billions of years old."


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