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Monday, January 20, 2014

Restoring Rio's Redeemer

(21st-Century BCE Soapstone) 
Although lightning rarely strikes twice in the same place, Rio's Christ the Redeemer is an exception to this rule.

Thus spaketh Father Omar of The Archdiocese of Rio, which manages the statue's shrine.  He explained to ABC News that this famous icon is "frequently hit by lightning during storms."

Just last month, "the middle finger of the right hand" was chipped by one such occurrence.  This past week, the right thumb was damaged by yet
another strike.

Despite all these blows, this symbol has stood tall and firm throughout the decades.  It has been periodically restored by many who care about its

Omar stated that another restoration is planned for next month.  At this
time, "the broken finger and other damage will be fixed using the church's
stockpile of the same stone used to build the statue."

That stockpiled material is commonly referred to as soapstone – which has "been a medium of carving for thousands of years."  Wikipedia describes it as soft yet durable – a restorative blend, for sure.    


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