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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pope Francis: Clothes make the stand

(Source:  Agencia Brasil)
Whereas some win accolades for dressing up, Pope Francis recently earned one for dressing down.

Named Esquire's "Best Dressed Man of 2013," this pope has divested himself of the fancy trimmings that were favored by his predecessor. Benedict XVI was known for his red shoes and "massive miters," but  
Francis prefers "black shoes and unadorned simplistic regalia."

These choices are not just fashion statements.  What a pope wears reflects theological stands, as well.  Benedict's adherence to vestments of days gone by reflected his fondness for the pre-Vatican II Church.  Francis' mode of
dress reflects his critical views regarding "clericalism."

As Michael McGough of the Los Angeles Times points out, Francis' sartorial choices are right in line with the stance that clergy "serves rather than rules."     


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