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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A marathon a day keeps the doctor away

(Photo by Takver)
Ever since Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray started running around together, things have been getting better and better.

Their website, RunRAW2013 (the stated goal of which is "to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices…"), explains that throughout 2013 they ran "365 marathons each in 365 days."

This is especially remarkable considering that they are both past 60, and that Janette had been given six months to live at age 52.  Rather than go the traditional medical route, she opted instead for a raw vegan lifestyle. 

Here it is years later, and Janette is healthier and "more physically fit" than ever.  She and Alan (her husband of 43-plus years) both claim to have more energy now than in their previous years.

Their vegan lifestyle is not just about personal health. It is also about the well-being of all living creatures, and of the planet itself. 

They are therefore not only walking their talk, but running it too.  Their marathons have raised awareness that the vegan lifestyle is one that works well for humans and other sentient beings (including Gaia herself).    


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