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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pope Francis: Myths in the making

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As is often the case with folks making headlines (especially if they're popes), kernels of truth tend to get magnified and distorted by the general populace.

Siobhan Benitez brilliantly analyzes a mythological (she calls it satirical) article that is making the rounds on the
Internet lately.  This article, which originated with Diversity Chronicle, contains such eye-opening assertions as the following:  Pope Francis claimed that all religions are true, that hell is not literal, and that the Bible is outdated.

Benitez tackles these assertions one by one in her Ignitum Today column titled Why Satire is Funny: Debunking "Pope Francis Condemns Racism and Declares That 'All Religions Are True' at Historic Third Vatican Council."

She begins by explaining that, to date, there hasn't been a Third Vatican Council - and if there had been, more folks would have heard about it by now.

She continues by providing sources for the "kernels of truth" behind Pope Francis' alleged "claims."  For example, Pope Francis never asserted that all religions are equally true; however, he has stated that non-Christians can live "justified by the grace of God," and that they "can be channels which the Holy Spirit raises up…"

For those interested in where Benitez draws her own information from, she amply lists her sources within this column. They include Evangelii Gaudium #250, #251, #253, and #254 – as well as Verbum Domini #42.


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